Nothing Will Ever Stop Steve King From Being Racist as Hell

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There are, the old saying goes, two things about which we can be absolutely certain in this world: Death and taxes. I would humbly like to add a third entry to the list: Republican Rep. Steve King being grotesquely, transparently racist.


Yes, I’m afraid King was back on his bullshit on Tuesday (although it’s hard to say if he’s ever been off it) during a town hall event in Iowa’s Audubon County, where he casually cracked wise about China’s ethnic cleansing of its Uighur Muslim population.

According to journalist Paige Godden, who was in attendance at the event, King noted that China has reportedly been forcibly sterilizing some Uighur women, as well as force feeding them pork, which is forbidden according to Islam.

“That’s the only part of that I agree with,” King reportedly joked. “Everyone should eat pork.

Yiiiiikes. I wonder if King has any “jokes” about what part of the Nazi concentration camps or Pol Pot’s killing fields he agrees with, too?

Godden reported that King also used his time in Audubon to muse about the pervasive white supremacist “great replacement” theory—although it seems he didn’t actually use the term itself—asking attendees, “How long will it take before an entire U.S. congressional district is supplanted by illegal aliens?” (24 weeks, according to King’s math.)

According to the Daily Beast, King—who is currently running for reelection against Democrat J.D. Scholten—is nearly broke, following a disastrous few weeks where he defended rape and incest and ranted about aborting “men’s babies” on Twitter.


Scholten, for his part, reacted to King’s latest racist outburst with a single emoji that adequately summed up what he, and the rest of us, are thinking.

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