Notorious Ex-Trump Spokeswoman Tells Fox News Slavery Is Part of Our 'Good History'

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Remember Katrina Pierson, the Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman who never met a Trumpism so abhorrent that she couldn’t logic her way around it? Well she’s back with a vengeance, and still more than willing to defend her old boss.

Pierson appeared on Fox News this morning to argue that the recent trend of rightfully taking down monuments to the Confederacy is stripping away our country’s “good history.”


Asked about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s call for the Confederate statues in the Capitol to come down, Pierson said (emphasis mine):

Those monuments have been there for a very long time and suddenly Nancy Pelosi wants to actually help these anarchists and these violent protesters tear down pieces of America, American culture, and American history. The only place that that’s being done right now is by ISIS and I really don’t think that you should have leaders actually encouraging people to do these types of things, because Americans actually love their history, their culture, good and bad, because it helps them learn and it helps keep people educated about why America is so great to begin with.

In case there was any ambiguity as to whether Pierson was lumping slavery in with America’s “good” history, the former national spokeswoman for the Trump campaign went on to make herself crystal clear in a back-and-forth with the other guest on the segment, Johns Hopkins professor Wendy Osefo, who tried to explain that any iconography honoring the Confederacy is “nefarious.”

“It absolutely deserves a place, because bad history is still good history for this country —” Pierson responded.


“Slavery is good history?” Osefo shot back.

“Considering where we are today, where we are today, absolutely,” Pierson finished.


Pierson, once a fixture on cable news during the election, has been largely MIA since the election and didn’t take a job with the administration. It’s probably for the best that she stay gone.