Now Accepting Your Conspiracy Theories for Why Fox News Hasn't Tweeted in Almost a Week

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Although its viewers are best known as very white, very old, and always frightened, Fox News still has a massive Twitter following, with more than 18 million loyal steeds along for the ride.

But as of today, @FoxNews’ verified account hasn’t tweeted in six days: not one Fox & Friends clip, no news stories about the impending migrant caravan-pocalypse, nary a message parroting the president’s line to discredit the effort to count all the votes in Florida.


The account’s last, pretty benign tweet—which might hold a clue that escapes me as of now—came two days after the election:

The network’s absence hasn’t gone unnoticed, and there’s been some national media coverage around the blackout.


So what’s going on over there? Did Laura Ingraham usher everyone into her underground panic room?


There have been some reports offering the feasible explanation that the silence is a response to Twitter’s perceived role in amplifying the protest last week outside host Tucker Carlson’s house (although the narrative Carlson was pushing appears to have some huge holes in it). The Daily Caller, Tucker’s old tits-and-taxes site, also reported this as the reason.


The timing would make sense: That incident happened Nov. 7, and Fox News’ last tweet was a day later. But that’s boring to me!! I want to hear all your more colorful theories about the blackout. For example: this Reddit theory that a number of accounts across the partisan divide have fallen silent because something big is about to go down in the Robert Mueller Russia probe.

Screenshot: Reddit

(It’s worth noting that Drudge nukes his Twitter account with some frequency.)

Or maybe the orders came straight from the top???


Interesting, await further orders. Mods??

Anyway, it’s all pretty funny to me. Who cares about Fox News except old people and the network’s fans here at Splinter, really. Hopefully their whole social media team finally just got wise and started looking for other jobs. Better yet: Let’s hope they extend the blackout to the actual channel next.

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