Celestis Inc.
Celestis Inc.

Do all dogs go to heaven? Who knows, but now some dogs can go to space.

Starting this Fall, Celestis Inc. a Texas-based provider of space funerals (the company has already launched 12 "memorial space flights," including that of departed Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry), will offer a new service to launch your cremated pet's remains into outer space and back. Boasting the celestial slogan, “From the stars we are born, to the stars we will return,” the company will launch its first doggie space funeral in October.

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The company's new pet division, Celestis Pets, is partnering with a San Diego-based pet “transition center” that will handle the animal’s remains before Celestis Pets lets you choose from a variety of final space-launch packages.

The “Earth Rise” package sends a small sample of your pet’s remains into orbit and back for $995. That's the most economical way to send your furry friend into space, if you're the type who frets about money.

The “Earth Orbit” package, with a price tag of $5,000, allows bereaved owners to send their pet's remains into orbit, vaporizing "like a shooting star in final tribute” as it re-enters Earth's atmosphere (Rover would have wanted it this way).


The “Voyager” package, meanwhile, basically launches your pet as far into space as possible “on a permanent celestial journey … allowing them to explore places they could have only dreamed of in life.” That costs a little over $12,000 and is probably saved for those pets you really didn't like very much.

And if you owned a cat who dreamed of colonizing the moon, you can grant her that final wish by sending Fluffy to the moon for $12,500.


Celestis Pets reports that it already has its first customer for a celestial send-off. Apollo the dog, a blue merle Australian shepherd, will be launched into outer space in October. Houston, we have a canine.

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