You'd be amazed at the number of impressive things the collective denizens of the internet can accomplish when they decide to set aside their petty differences and work together. Just last year alone, the internet managed to play and beat an entire Pokémon game and decide how to control a family's Christmas lights for the holidays. This is 2016, though, and in 2016, the internet has loftier ambitions.

The Writey Novel project has one simple, but incredibly difficult goal that it needs your help to achieve: "Write a book with the rest of the Internet, one character at a time."

Much in the same way that Twitch "plays" games with thousands of players at a time, Writey will allow people to vote on which letters should be added into the book every ten seconds. The letter with the most votes will be put down and, should people actually cooperate with one another, a novel might come out of the process.

Writey's dead simple input interface. Plug in a character, and the website will tally which is the most popular.

"If this experiment is successful, the community will generate a 60-page short novel in two weeks, which will be professionally typeset in its original form and offered as a PDF download," the Writey team explained. "I wish you the best of luck as we attempt to control the chaos of our own adventure."


Voting for the Writey Novel opens up on Feb. 3 at 2 p.m. EST (7 p.m. GMT) and will run until at least Feb. 16.