NYFW 2014: The Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous

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Droves of young women in black tights and fur coats have invaded Lincoln Center in 2014’s Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week (aka #NYFW on Twitter and Instagram and fashion bloggers souls). Didn’t attend the shows? Don’t worry; neither did we. But we do have access to Getty Images! So here we round up some of the good and bad of all the ridiculous Fashion.

Best Anna Karenina [Badgley Mischka]


Watch out for that train!

Worst Dan-Brown-Inspired Runway [Thom Brown]


Nothing should ever look inspired by Dan Brown (sorry, his books are fun quick reads and all, but just not really worthy of trying to copy, you know?)

Worst take on the proles in 1984 [Anna Charest]


"Yeah, ok, it's going to be like a uniform, but more boring. And it shouldn't look expensive, but it will be really expensive" - imagined design room discussion.

Best Take on Muzzy and/or Where The Wild Things Are [Jenny Packham]


I would wear this weird blue fuzzy thing any day.

Worst (Horseback Riding) Bride of Frankenstein [Wendy Nichol]


Could you actually ride a horse in that gown? Doubtful.

Worst Catepillar-Inspired Coat Thing (Joshuan Aponte)


This would look amazing in a magazine editorial, but really can't think of ANY use beyond that.

Best Star Wars, Best Science Fiction, Best ANYTHING (Rodarte)


These dresses look just like my old sleeping bag.

*All images via Getty Images