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O-Town became legendary all the way back in 2000 when their single "Liquid Dreams" topped the charts and they invented the term "morphoratic dream from a magazine." The boys eventually earned the number-four slot on our own list of "Inappropriate Pop Songs You Sang as a Tween."

Now, more than a decade since their last song, O-Town is back.

First things first: No, Ashley Parker Angel is not part of the O-Town reboot. Which is devastating.


But that doesn't take away from the sheer emotional power of their new single "Skydive," which was released yesterday.

Based on a scan of the 44 SoundCloud comments currently posted, fans are really feeling the new single. "I can't believe this. It's perfect. I'm in tears. I feel 16 again. Perfect. Just perfect!" raves Lauren Hope Williams. She's not the only one who was moved to tears.


"Is it allowed to cry??? Goosebumps all over! The boys are back!" O-Town fan Mari Malfacini gushes.

"Skydive" is the first single off of O-Town's forthcoming Lines & Circles album, set for release on August 3. Here's a list of tour dates for planning purposes.


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