PANAMA CITY —The moment everyone was waiting for has happened: Barack Obama and Raul Castro shook hands and exchanged brief pleasantries during the Friday night inauguration of the VII Summit of the Americas — Cuba's first.


The unplanned exchange between the two presidents happened around 8 p.m. in roomful of diplomats and media, amid the blinding flash of cameras and jostle of the crowd. The exchange appeared cordial, relaxed and brief, but not rushed. The two leaders, who have spoked twice by phone but never face-to-face, are expected to sit down tomorrow for more hand-shaking and an extensive private chat.

Today's historic grip-and-grin capped a full day of pre-summit bustle in Panama City. Here's a brief look at what Day 1 looked like in different parts of the city.

1. Q: Where does The Beast park when it visits the Panama Canal? A: Wherever it wants to.

Obama rolled up to the Panama Canal today in The Beast (pool photo)

2. Evo Morales, baller-in-chief

“That’s how we’re going to score against Obama at the summit,” Bolivian President Evo Morales said as he pushed through a scrum of reporters at halftime. Morales scored 3 goals in his team's 14-2 romp. (Photo/ Jim Wyss)

3. #ObamaRepealTheExecutiveOrder

Pro-government Venezuelans welcomed President Nicolas Maduro today, while anti-government Venezuelans living in Panama protested Maduro by banging on pots and pans  (photo/ Serena Marshall)

4.) Life's a beach

Indigenous Bolivians want their landlocked country to gain access to the sea — something Chile refuses to cede  (photo/ Serena Marshall)

5. The last country in the Americas to be invaded by the U.S.

Panamanians and Venezuelans joined President Maduro in the impoverished neighborhood of El Chorrillo, which burned to the ground during the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989 (photo/ Serena Marshall)

6. Maduro commemorates those killed during U.S. invasion

Maduro lays a wreath for those killed in Chorrillo during U.S. invasion in 1989. Twenty-five years later, Panama still doesn't know how many people were actually killed during the invasion (photo/ Serena Marshall)

7. Indigenous groups demand access to summit

After a brief standoff with riot police, indigenous leaders were granted entrance to the Summit of the Americas (photo/ Serena Marshall)

8. Cuban delegation folds up flag and leaves

Cuba's civil society delegates folded up their flag and abandoned the civil society conference today in protest of the presence of anti-Castro Miami Cubans at the event (photo/ Tim Rogers)

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