White House

President Barack Obama called out Florida Governor Rick Scott, twice, Wednesday for discouraging discussion of climate change.

"Climate change can no longer be denied," Obama said in Earth Day remarks delivered from the edge of the Florida Everglades. "It can’t be edited out.  It can’t be omitted from the conversation.

Later, he dissed Scott again.

"Simply refusing to say the words 'climate change' doesn’t mean that climate change isn’t happening," Obama said.


Last month, the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting said Scott had effectively banned discussing climate change in the state's Department of Environmental Protection.

Scott's office has denied there is a formal ban on the term, but subsequently confirmed that talking about climate change was frowned upon in his administration. One official has claimed he was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation after he brought up the topic.


In his Wednesday remarks, Obama announced he would spend $25 million in public and private money for restoration projects at U.S. national parks.

The Everglades, at least, looks like it's going to need it: Earlier this month, Florida officials appointed by Gov. Scott moved to kill a proposal to buy land that would allow fresh water to be diverted to the wetlands area, which has been depleted by decades of development and is now threatened by rising sea levels.


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