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President Obama began his State of the Union address by ticking off some good economic news. Job creation is up, oil prices are down, deficits are shrinking, and healthcare costs are no longer skyrocketing.


The president credited his own policies for the country's improving economy, and Republicans were having none of it. When GOP lawmakers in the crowd refused to applaud, Obama said they should put their hands together.

"This is good news, people," Obama said. The jab wasn't in his prepared remarks.


Democrats in the crowd laughed and Vice President Biden flashed his pearly whites. House Speaker John Boehner tried real hard to keep a straight face.

Obama also went off-script when discussing the burdens of student loans, saying that they are holding American students back and attempting to put it in simple college terms. He told the story of two of First Lady Michelle Obama guests — Rebekah and Ben Erler — who had to forego vacations and buying a new car to pay back student loans and save for retirement. And even pizza was a big expense.

“Friday night pizza — that’s a big splurge,” Obama said.


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