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President Obama may be one of us. He's using a selfie stick and quoting the Kardashians.

In a spot made for BuzzFeed Video, Obama mimics a young man, preening in the mirror, taking selfies and asking "Can I live?" in the face of extreme side eye.

Post by BuzzFeed Video.

This isn't the first time the administration has made an attempt to push young people toward The White House tapped cartoonist Carolyn Belefski to create a series of cartoons — featuring everyone from a fictional hipster to a social-media obsessed savant — to connect with them.


And today's video comes with a purpose. The president wants to remind people to visit and get signed up for health insurance by Feb 15.

Back in April, when the administration announced that more than 8 million people signed up for insurance through the federal and state exchanges, 28 percent of those enrolled in the federal exchange were between 18 and 34 years old.

By 3 p.m. ET on Thursday, Obama's BuzzFeed video had 102,343 shares and had been viewed 4,533,059 times. Plus, it garnered more than 140,500 likes. Not too shabby Mr. President.


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