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screen capture / cnn

President Barack Obama held what is scheduled to be the final press conference of his presidency on Wednesday—one focused both on looking back and looking ahead to the Trump presidency.

And, as far as looking ahead goes, Obama laid to rest any hopes for a last-minute act of political defiance, confirming once and for all that he will be attending Donald Trump's inauguration, despite pledges from several dozen of his fellow Democrats—most notably, John Lewis—to boycott the ceremony. Intriguingly, though, he declined to criticize the boycott, even though the Fox News journalist who asked him about it pointedly implied that it was a rebuke to the notion of a "peaceful transfer of political power."


"I'm not gonna comment on those issues," Obama explained, when asked by a member of the press corps about his colleagues decision. "All i know is I'm gonna be there. So is Michelle.

Obama on Democrats skipping the inauguration: "All I know is I'm going to be there"

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) January 18, 2017

"And I have been checking the weather and I'm heartened to know that it won't be as cold as my first inauguration," Obama admitted, adding "'cuz that was cold."

Think he's a guy, or does he just ask Siri?

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