Oh Damn He's Cohen Off Now!!!

Here is a dilemma. Right now there are a lot of terrible people in a room together. But in a twist, they are all fighting one another! Who do you root for? Either way, Michael Cohen? He’s going wild!

Cohen is terrible, but Rep. Jim Jordan is also unequivocally terrible, and is explicitly trying to erode the legitimacy of Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee today. Jordan misrepresented a portion of Cohen’s prior testimony, which really set the former lawyer off.

“Shame on you Mr. Jordan,” Cohen said. “Shame on you.”

It is with a heavy heart I must say this again: drama!!!

Are we Michael Cohen fans? Absolutely not. Is there a certain vindictive pleasure in watching him lash out at Republicans who are clearly arguing with him in bad faith in order to defend a potentially criminal president? Quite possibly.

Contributing Writer, Splinter

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