Oh God Not Another One

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Former Virginia Governor and professional Clinton stan Terry McAuliffe is reportedly “eyeing” a presidential run, according to CNN. This is fantastic news as the one thing the 2020 Democratic primary lacked was a business friendly white dude trying to enhance his public image by going on a vanity tour around the country to say stuff about the American Dream.


Per CNN:

“I get the sense that he is moving closer,” said John Morgan, a longtime donor to Democratic causes and McAuliffe friend. “I think he is very close to it.”


While McAuliffe has spent the last week on a spring break vacation with his family, he has also been making calls to donors and longtime friends as he comes closer to making a final decision. One friend described him as “almost ready to jump in — he sees no reason not to.”

Great, thank you for the update.

It would be nice to be the kind of long-standing political figure where you could just say “eh, no reason not to!” about a presidential run that you know you’re almost certainly not going to win but might get a cabinet seat or an adviser gig out of if you schmooze hard enough on the campaign trail. Probably the best outcome of all of this is that McAuliffe and Howard Schultz accidentally get in each other’s limos after a town hall or something and neither of their staff notices for a week because they’re both just mumbling things about entrepreneurial spirit and small businesses. One can dream!