Oh god, Sarah Palin is tweeting Kanye West lyrics, and they're not even right

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Here’s a tweet of Sarah Palin misquoting and misspelling the lyrics to “Gold Digger” by Kanye West in a schadenfreude-laden jab at a report about downsizing at The New York Times.



The Young Conservatives article (which, yeah) that Palin linked to characterizes a report that the Times will vacate eight floors in their office as, “In other words, we broke!”


Not sure what “I ain't saying you a golddigger, but there's a reason you messin' with broke, broke, broke” has to do with any of that, but I’m going to assume it’s related. Also, did Palin use the "broke broke broke" seriously or was she implying the existence of the n-word that exists in the unedited version of the song?

Perhaps it’s a nod to West’s recent meeting with Donald Trump. Perhaps it’s an omen that he actually will make an appearance at Trump's inauguration. Or maybe it’s yet another demonstration that Sarah Palin is an inarticulate rabble-rouser who does more rabbling than rousing. Either way, at this rate she's probably about to drop a word salad mixtape any minute.

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