Oh God Trump and Biden Are Fighting About Their Brains

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Ladies and gents, I give you a depressingly possible preview of the 2020 general election: Joe Biden and Donald Trump arguing about whether their minds work.


Biden set tongues wagging about his, shall we say, “sharpness” on Thursday night when he made gaffes like these:


Not the greatest, and not the first of these moments for Biden. Anyway, Donald Trump soon got on board, telling reporters on Friday morning that Biden was a little lost upstairs.

Yes, we’ve arrived at this point. It’s admittedly a bit rich coming from someone whose brain is widely known to have melted in the sun years ago, but nobody ever accused Donald Trump of playing fair.


This was the response from Team Biden:


O....K??? Here is an even worse reaction:


Bazinga! Honestly, I think we all should be talking about everyone’s mental fitness for the presidency, but can we please, please, please do it literally any other way than this?

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