Oh Good, Democrats Picked Chuck Schumer Again

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Frequent readers of this blog already know: We are not fans of Chuck Schumer, or really any leader of the Democratic Party, particularly at the national level.


So it’s with great displeasure that I tell you the senator from New York was re-elected as Minority Leader today. And why not, he’s pretty good at losing!

The Associated Press, reporting on the news that Schumer and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell both won their closed-door party elections by acclimation today, described the results as “lack[ing] the high drama underway on the House side.”

This is broadly true, if a major understatement. There’s a lively, reportedly growing movement against Nancy Pelosi being elected as House Speaker. If there was any opposition to Schumer’s election AGAIN, it was hidden from public view and so neutered as to be completely irrelevant. That’s a genuine shame. It’s a wonderful, all-too-rare thing that exciting new politicians are just arriving in Congress. With them should come the next generation of leaders—but that won’t happen until people like Schumer drop their white-knuckled hold on the party’s reigns.

Managing Editor, Splinter