Oh Look, Tim Ryan Made Fun Stickers

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Tim Ryan, a Democratic presidential hopeful whose signature campaign issue appears to be “looking absolutely lost at all times,” had one teensy Moment at last night’s debate when he told Bernie Sanders, “You don’t have to yell.” Approximately five people in the crowd laughed at that, which I guess was enough encouragement to get Ryan to put it on a campaign sticker, and now we all must suffer.

And now, I present to you concrete evidence that debates should not have audiences, or Tim Ryan:


As a reminder, the “You don’t have to yell” line came in the midst of an argument over Sanders’s proposal to eliminate the sale of gas-powered cars by 2040. Ryan called the plan unrealistic, Sanders summoned his usual enthusiasm to explain why Democrats shouldn’t be afraid of big ideas (or mitigating impending climate doom) and Ryan ZINGED him, HOO BOY.

It’s interesting that Ryan’s team chose to use ALL-CAPS for this particular slogan, since it makes the sticker look like it’s yelling. And if you’d like your car to yell at other cars, or perhaps get keyed by a few helpful neighbors, the stickers are available in packs of two on Ryan’s website for a mere $4.