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Like millions of very stressed out Americans, Rosie O’Donnell watched Wednesday night’s first Democratic presidential debate. Like everyone in my timeline, she tweeted the whole thing, weighing in on everything from Chuck Todd’s hair (bad) to everybody else’s hair (also bad).

And though it seems O’Donnell’s throwing down for Elizabeth Warren right now, she was impressed by one standout candidate. Unfortunately, she forgot his name.

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Oh, Rosie.

Indeed, in a now-deleted tweet, it appears O’Donnell confused former HUD secretary Julián Castro with Marco Rubio, a man who ran for president four years ago, lost, and now spends his free time making puppy eyes at Donald Trump.

In fairness, names are hard, there are 25 names vying for the Democratic nomination right now, and 10 of those names were onstage Wednesday night. I myself kept pointing at Tim Ryan as I alternated between asking my roommate if he was Michael Bennett, and asking, “Who?”

Still, on a debate stage significantly comprised of nearly identical salt-and-pepper-haired white man (and Jay Inslee, who is, yes, a salt-and-pepper-haired white man, but also a Snack), O’Donnell made an unfortunate error. On the other hand, it does feel like we are trapped in an endless election loop, with each horror show bleeding into the next at an increasingly rapid clip, so.

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