Oh Whoops, I Appear to Have Blatantly Lied

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Here is “economist person” Stephen Moore on Thursday, when he was asked by Bloomberg if he was still trying to get a seat on the Federal Reserve board:


Not too concerned! All in! He was, of course, actually all out, withdrawing from consideration just a few hours after the Bloomberg interview.

But wait, what’s this? Here’s top White House economic policy adviser Larry Kudlow speaking to the same outlet on Friday:

Huh. Wednesday is before Thursday...it’s almost like Moore was...lying when he said he was “all in.”

Asked about the discrepancy, Moore told Bloomberg, “It is what it is and I’m not going to comment on that.”


Oh, OK then. It is what it is! “It” being “seemingly brazen lying,” that is. Who knew that the man who was too sexist even for the Trump administration, and whose financial acumen has been widely derided for ages, and who allegedly owes tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes, and who used to attack Donald Trump before becoming a total cheerleader for him, could ever appear to be slippery with the truth?

Deputy Editor, Splinter