Facebook/MarShawn McCarrel

Don't trust anyone who spends too much time posting comments on Facebook.

The Dayton Daily NewsĀ reports anĀ Ohio police officer was firedĀ for offensive Facebook comments madeĀ over the death of a Black Lives Matter activist.


Fairborn Officer Lee Cyr was placed on administrative leave back in February when itĀ was suspected he had made comments over the death of MarShawn McCarrel, a Black Lives Matter activist who died by suicide on the front steps of the Ohio Statehouse.

"Love a happy ending" Lee Cyr allegedly wrote on the Ohio Politics Facebook page.

Ohio Officer Lee Cyr suspended for calling the suicide of #MarshawnMcCarrel a "happy ending" https://t.co/LpAckz1CNK pic.twitter.com/2IzMO6zj9R

ā€” Shaun King (@ShaunKing) February 12, 2016

In a statement released to theĀ Daily News, the department said it had concluded an internal investigation into the Facebook post andĀ had terminated Cyr's employment, immediately. They said the comment was a "violation of the departmentā€™s social media policy and does not conform to the professional standards and core values established by the organization."

Cyr is not the first cop to get in troubleĀ for posting offensive comments about Black Lives Matter. A St. Paul sergeantĀ resigned last month weeks after posting a detailed guide to committing vehicular homicide on Black Lives Matter protesters. And a San Jose officer also was fired for tweets threatening protesters (although he was later reinstated).

Because all lives matter, right?