Ohio horror: new mom, 7 relatives killed execution-style

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Eight members of a family, including a mother to a four-day-old baby, were killed in shootings in rural Ohio on Friday, authorities said.

Though nobody has been formally apprehended for the crime, a “person of interest” has reportedly been detained in nearby Chillicothe. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said that the person is one of 30 being interviewed in connection to the shootings.

The eight family members were shot execution-style at four different locations in rural town of Peebles, in the Appalachian region. According to reports, the new mother was lying in bed with her baby, who was unharmed. Several other victims were also reportedly in bed when they were shot. All of the victims were shot in the head, DeWine said in a press conference.


Three children — a six-month-old, a three-year-old and the newborn — survived the shootings.

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader said at a news conference Friday that the victims appeared to have been targeted, although it is unclear what the motive is. Reader identified the family as Rhoden, and the Columbus Post-Dispatch said the victims included Dana Rhoden and her children. Reader said around 100 surviving family members have been notified and are in one location.

Reader also warned residents of Peebles to “lock their doors.” This weekend is the annual Dogwood Festival in Pike County, one of the busiest times of year, according to the Post-Dispatch. Pike County is located about 80 miles east of Cincinnati.

Ohio Gov. and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich called the shootings "tragic" in a tweet, and wrote that his office will “continue to monitor this closely.”


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