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If a majority of Ohio voters had voted to legalize the growth and sale of marijuana for recreational use last night, Nick Lachey and a whole host of other B-list celebrities would have become a much much wealthier bunch. Unfortunately for Lachey and co., that was not the case.


In a near two-to-one margin, Issue 3—the initiative that would have allowed people over the age of 21 to buy pot commercially or grow it for personal use—was struck down. The new law also would have consolidated the number of farms actually able to grow marijuana down to 10 privately owned businesses, all of which were owned by the a handful of celebrities who'd thrown their weight behind the ResponsibleOhio campaign.

Though ResponsibleOhio championed pot legalization in Ohio in the name of job creation and massive tax revenue, many people felt as if the organization's not-so-subtle push for the creation of a marijuana monopoly was untenable.

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