Ohio Supreme Court Judge Claims He's Had Sex With 50 Women in Bizarre Defense of 'All Heterosexual Males'


State Supreme Court judge and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill O’Neill on Friday offered up a bizarre message to the voters of Ohio, claiming he’s had sex with 50 “very attractive females” in his life in a bizarre effort to combat the “dogs of war” calling for Senator Al Franken to step down amid allegations of misconduct.

The disclosure came in a Facebook post in which O’Neill brags about “making passionate love in a hayloft” with a “gorgeous blonde” and boinking a “drop dead gorgeous red head from Cleveland,” apparently in an effort to defend “heterosexual males” everywhere.

He later edited the post to drop specific identifying details about two women’s employers at the time.

O’Neill’s “Dear Penthouse” post was ostensibly his attempt to, uh, weigh in on the wave of sexual assault allegations sweeping Hollywood, Capitol Hill, and communities across the country.


As O’Neill explained:

Now can we get back to discussing legalizing marijuana and opening the state hospital network to combat the opioid crisis.


That’s all well and good. But what makes the sitting state Supreme Court justice’s remarks most disturbing—other than, yes, we get it, you’ve had sex—is the implication that Franken’s kissing a women without her consent is just normal sex stuff that all straight guys have done in the past. Equating consensual sex with Franken’s actions—which he did not deny in a statement released yesterday—only works to normalize non-consensual activity, a force we need our elected officials be be fighting, not feeding.

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