Ohio's 12th District Race Narrows as More Votes Are Found

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Every vote really does count in the Ohio special election between Democrat Danny O’Connor and Republican Troy Balderson, which has yet to be called since yesterday’s election. While the country waits for the absentee and provisional ballots to be added to the total, O’Connor just snagged a few extra votes, narrowing the already razor-thin margin.


The new votes in Franklin County came from one voting location, according to the Franklin County Board of Elections.

Balderson—and President Trumpdeclared victory in last night’s race, but other say it’s still too close to call. With these new votes, the gap between the two candidates is down to 1,564.


On one level, it doesn’t really matter who wins. Whoever gets in will have to run again immediately in November’s regular election. And though Balderson may win the race, it’s still a loss for the Republicans, who would usually sweep Ohio’s 12th district.

Ohio Governor John Kasich said earlier that the results were a rebuke to Republicans.

“This district is so Republican, there should never even have been an election here. And it was so close and — in one of the counties that’s so solidly Republican — where a Republican would normally win by 70 percent, it broke basically 50-50,” he told CBS News. “So, some Republicans sat at home, but what I think happened, and we don’t have all the numbers yet, I think you will find a lot of Republican women who not only didn’t sit at home, but a significant percentage, or some percentage of them voted for the Democrat.”