Olympic Committee to provide 450,000 condoms in Rio because the athletes can't stop having sex

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The International Olympic Committee is taking steps to ensure the Olympics are safer this year—and especially safer for the women.

Safer for sex, that is.

The IOC says it will be distributing 450,000 condoms during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics this summer, according to the Associated Press.


For the first time ever, the IOC will be providing female condoms. There will be 100,000 female condoms provided in addition to the 350,000 male condoms. There will also be 175,000 packets of lubricant supplied.

The total number of condoms is three times the amount of condoms provided at the London games four years ago, when U.S. soccer player Hope Solo said that “70 to 75 percent of Olympians are having sex during the Games.”

But this potential 2016 Olympic sexfest faces a bit of a drag: The Zika virus. While the virus is most commonly transmitted through mosquito bites, the CDC has confirmed it can be transmitted via sex. The IOC has not commented if supplying the extra condoms is related to Brazil’s outbreak of the Zika virus.

Earlier this week, two Australian companies announced they are producing male and female condoms coated with a lubricant that claims to "inactivate" some STIs including HIV, HPV and genital herpes. The condoms will supplement those provided by the IOC.

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