Omar Smacks Down Fox News Ambush: LMAO Get Bent

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If you come at the queen, you best not miss!!

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has spent her first months in office being attacked by everyone from her fellow Democrats to the president essentially for being an opinionated Muslim woman, has no patience for idiots. That could not be made more clear than in this poorly-shot Fox News clip in which the Fox team tried to ~gotcha~ Omar for comparing Barack Obama and Donald Trump last week and failed miserably.


Let’s watch:

“Absolutely not. That is silly to even think, and equate the two,” Omar dragged the Fox crew member for asking if she thought the two presidents “are the same, just different when it comes to their policies.”

“One is human, the other is really not,” she also said.

In a Politico story published last week, Omar, who later tweeted she’s an “an Obama fan” criticized the former president for his own administration’s caging of migrant children and conducting drone wars in the Middle East. While Omar tried to argue that her comments had been taken out of context and that she wasn’t comparing Obama and Trump, the Politico reporter who interviewed her, Tim Alberta, insisted recordings of their interview supported his reporting. She later deleted the tweet challenging the story.

Despite the issue being put to rest, Fox can’t seem to get enough of Omar. But that’s how you do it, folks! Call them out, and give them something to really be mad about. Two birds, one stone.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan