Omarosa Accuses Trump of Being Racist Towards Kellyanne Conway's Husband

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Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s memoir, Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, is being released next week. The Guardian got its hands on a copy. The paper reported, among other things, that the memoir claims that President Trump was caught on tape using the N-word multiple times while filming The Apprentice, and that he used racist slurs to refer to senior adviser Kellyanne Conway’s husband.

Although Manigualt-Newman did not personally witness Trump use the n-word, she apparently writes that she personally witnessed his racism against Conway’s husband, George. She says Trump used specifically racist terms for Filipino people against Conway, who is half-Filipino. From the Guardian:

“Would you look at this George Conway article?” she quotes the president as saying. “F**ing FLIP! Disloyal! Fucking Goo-goo.”

Both flip and goo-goo are terms of racial abuse for Filipinos.

Conway denied this allegation in a Tweet on Friday morning, calling it “ridiculous.”


The White House also pushed back:


Although Manigault-Newman is maybe not the world’s most credible source, it is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, plausible that Trump has used a wide variety of racial slurs in the span of his career, including in the White House.

Last December, the White House announced that Manigault-Newman had resigned from her position. However, various reports surfaced revealing that she may instead have been fired.


In an appearance on ABC’s Nightline last December, Manigault-Newman said that “Donald Trump is racial, but he is not a racist. The things that he says, the types of pushback that he gives, involve people of color. These are racial exchanges.”

But in her new memoir, she seems to have had a change of heart. According to the Guardian, she writes that she felt “a growing realization that Donald Trump was indeed a racist, a bigot and a misogynist. My certainty about the N-word tape and his frequent uses of that word were the top of a high mountain of truly appalling things I’d experienced with him, during the last two years in particular.


It is unclear if the alleged Apprentice tape will ever see the light of day. Apprentice creator Mark Burnett and producer Metro Goldwyn-Mayer studios told the Guardian that they have neither the ability nor the rights to release any tapes because of “various contractual and legal requirements.”