Omarosa Denies Firing Story and Implies White House Racism Left Her Emotionally Scarred

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Omarosa Manigault Newman flatly denied in a Thursday interview on Good Morning America that she was fired from her White House job and tried to storm the private residence after the news was handed down.

Without naming names, Manigault Newman also blamed one person with a “personal vendetta” who she said had falsely claimed that she angrily tried to appeal to President Trump and had to be forcibly removed from the White House by the Secret Service. She was clearly referencing veteran reporter April Ryan, who first reported on the “drama” surrounding Manigault Newman’s departure.

The former Apprentice star went on to suggest, somewhat ominously, that once she’s officially done with her job duties, she’ll have “quite a story to tell, as the only African American woman in this White House.”

“There are a lot of things I observed during the last year that I was very unhappy with, that I was very uncomfortable with,” Newman responded vaguely, when host Michael Strahan asked whether she disagreed with the president’s handling of Charlottesville and his endorsement of Roy Moore.

She continued: “I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that has affected my community and my people.”




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