Omran Daqneesh's brother, Ali, dies from injuries from bombing that produced heartbreaking photo

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Ali Daqneesh, the 10-year-old brother of Omran Daqneesh, has died, the Aleppo Media Center said on Saturday.


Omran Daqneesh, 5, has become an international symbol of the brutal civil war in Syria after being photographed bloodied and shocked after a bombing in Aleppo on Wednesday. At least five other children died in the bombing, according to NBC News.

Omran suffered head injuries but no brain damage, a doctor who treated him told NBC News. His brother, Ali, was outside the building at the time of the bombing and appeared to be more directly exposed to the bomb blast than the rest of his family, according to the Daily Telegraph. Ali died Saturday from injuries he suffered in Wednesday’s bombing.

Around 50,000 children are estimated to have died in the five-year Syrian civil war. According to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, 142 children have died in Aleppo in August alone.

The Daqneeshs were in the rebel-held neighborhood of Qaterji after a government airstrike. The U.S. state department on Thursday called Omran “the real face of what’s going on in Syria,” according to the Guardian. “That little boy has never had a day in his life where there hasn’t been war, death, destruction, poverty in his own country,” said state department spokesman John Kirby,

Mustafa al-Sarout, the journalist who filmed Omran, told the Guardian while he has “seen so many children rescued out of the rubble,” Omran, “with his innocence, had no idea what was going on.”

“These are children bombed every day. It’s not an exceptional case,” Sarout told the Guardian.


Omran’s shocked face is drawing similarities to the devastating photos of Aylan Kurdi, a 3-year-old refugee from Syria whose dead body washed up on a beach in Turkey in 2015.