On the other side of this London wardrobe? 600 marijuana plants

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Police in the London suburb of East Ham were searching an apartment yesterday when they stumbled across a wardrobe with a secret passageway built in.


After crawling through a hole in the top of the closet, the officers found themselves face to face with 600 cannabis plants being grown in the apartment's loft.


“Police entered the loft via the secret entrance and found a fully functional cannabis factory, with over 600 plants and lighting equipment,” a police spokesperson told the Newham Recorder.

When they made the find, they were actually searching for a suspect who they believed might have been involved in an attack on two men earlier in the day, but ended up busting the drug operation instead. They didn't find the original suspect but made two arrests in relation to the drugs, London 24 reports.

This is not the first time a wardrobe has held the key to a drug ring's operation in England. In 2013, the Daily Mail reported that police found a secret passageway inside a red, six-foot tall wardrobe, which lead to a room "stocked with paraphernalia" to grow marijuana.

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