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Since the police shooting of Michael Brown on August 9th, the St. Louis area has seen regular confrontations between the police and protesters.


Thursday, October 9th was just such a night.

One day after 18 year old Vonderitt D. Myers, Jr. was shot by police in St. Louis, the streets turned violent.  Riot gear. Pepper Spray. Thrown bricks.  Burning flags. Before it was over eight people were arrested and three were treated for injuries, including one police officer.


We wanted to take a look at this one night to try to understand how a night that started with a peaceful prayer vigil could turn into a near riot.

Through social media posts, livestreamed video, still photos, tweets and interviews with protesters, journalists, residents, and clergy (the St. Louis police wouldn't talk to us for this project) we attempt to reconstruct what happened that night.


Our goal was to see this one event from as many different perspectives as possible. And we learned that there aren't two sides to this story - there are several.


Producer: Steve Fisher
Field Producer: William Gallego
Editors: Jason Jaacks & Jonathon Duncan

Dan Lieberman is a special correspondent focusing on criminal justice, law enforcement, and drug stories. His work has also been featured on ABC News “Nightline” and Univision's "Al Punto."

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