One of the Top Pro-Trump Hacks Is Moving Seamlessly From CNN to the GOP

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Kayleigh McEnany, long a reliable player in CNN’s sordid lineup of pro-Trump hacks, is joining the Republican National Committee as a national spokeswoman, according to a press release. She’ll expected to flack for the GOP in TV and radio interviews.


Along with other Trump propagandists like Jeffery Lord, McEnany was part of CNN’s attempt to achieve the appearance of balance on its overcrowded and mind-numbing panel discussions. She was frequently trotted out to spew Trumpian talking points during the presidential campaign, injecting false information into news programs, and her profile rose even further following Trump’s ascent to the White House. You might think of her paid contributor gig at CNN as a sort of extended job tryout for the RNC.

CNN, as it happens, is a favorite target of the president. The question now is whether the cable network that formerly signed McEnany’s paychecks will allow her back on air to attack it.

McEnany announced her departure from CNN on Saturday. The following day, she appeared on the second episode of the sycophantic video series created to share “real news” on the president’s Facebook page. It didn’t differ much from what viewers saw in her CNN appearances—other than the heroic-sounding background music.

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