We're Live Blogging James Comey's Senate Testimony: Only in Death Will We Know Peace

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Welcome to Fusion’s live blog of former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee! Woo!!!


Today’s testimony comes just under one month after Comey was fired by President Donald Trump. The hearing is probably the biggest political circus in Washington, D.C., since President Trump’s inauguration.


In a released transcript of his prepared statement, Comey alleges a host of transgressions by Trump, including that Trump insisted on an oath of loyalty; pressured him to drop the FBI’s investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn; fumed repeatedly about the “cloud” the Russia investigation was leaving over his presidency; and demanded Comey publicly state that the investigation had not targeted the president specifically.

We’ll find out just how the senators will respond to Comey’s testimony, whether he’ll be pushed to expand upon his account of the president’s alleged misdeeds, and whether or not Trump himself will—as threatened—livetweet this whole shitshow.

So let’s do this.

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