Only Shaquille O'Neal can make good diplomacy out of stuffing a 5-foot tall Cuban kid

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North Korea got Dennis Rodman, and now Cuba gets Shaquille O'Neal.

Proving that he really can do it all, Shaq showed up in Havana yesterday to help teach a country that loves baseball how to play hoops.


The larger-than-life NBA legend, whose personality needs no translation, was dispatched to the communist-led island as part of the U.S.' latest effort in sports diplomacy.


The big man put on a basketball clinic and offered a few baritone words about the "universal power of sports."

"We share a lot of things in common and we just want to come over here and extend our friendly hand and just start to smooth things out," Shaq told the court-side cameras. "I think it was great for the presidents to reopen the door and regain a better relationship with this beautiful island."

Shaq said it doesn't matter what sport you play, because it's all good.

The former NBA MVP, self-styled hip hop artist and Gold Bond enthusiast is part of the United States' larger mission to use sports diplomacy to make nice with Cuba. In March, the Tampa Bay Rays traveled to Havana during President Obama's visit to the island to play the Cuban national team, beating them 4-1 as both presidents sat side by side behind home plate.

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