Orange is the new witch-hunt: Jenji Kohan sells Salem pilot to HBO

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We may have a new female-driven powerhouse of a show to look forward to! Jenji Kohan — creator of the binge-inducing Netflix hit Orange is the New Black — just sold a Salem pilot to HBO.

Tentatively titled "New World," Kohan's drama takes place in 17th-century Salem and focuses heavily on the fear, accusations, and persecutions of the witch trials in conservative, Puritan Massachusetts. What does this mean? Possibly a riveting show about young women being tortured. The pilot will be written by Kohan, Bruce Miller and Tracy Miller.

This isn't Kohan's first go-round on premium cable, as she also created Showtime's massive 8-season hit, Weeds. If New World goes to series, Kohan will have two series in production with Lionsgate.


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