Other things Donald Trump definitely plans on doing after he becomes U.S. president

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On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that he was postponing a planned meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, soon after Netanyahu criticized Trump for his proposal to ban all Muslims from America.

On Twitter, Trump said that he would meet with Netanyahu "at a later date after I become President of the U.S."


Here are some other things that Donald Trump is definitely going to do after he becomes President of the United States:

  • Redecorate the kitchen
  • Read all of Infinite Jest, cover-to-cover
  • Get into jazz music
  • Start going to art museums once a month
  • Get drinks with Ted, that old high school friend he ran into on the street last week
  • Become a whiskey connoisseur, like really learn about whiskey
  • Finally write that novel that's been kicking around in his head
  • Start waking up at 7AM each morning to hit the gym
  • Write a nice letter to a friend or colleague every day
  • Smile more
  • Ban all Muslims worldwide from entering the United States, regardless of their citizenship or country of origin

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