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Twitter says no more favorites. Twitter says you must like everything and you must do it with a heart. We have an alternative.

Within hours of the Twitter's announcement of the death of the fave, several enterprising programmers have written Chrome extensions to restore the site to its former status. No more likes, no more hearts, just favs forever.


Favs Forever, in fact, is the name of one of the better extensions, by Reed Kavner. Once installed, it restores Twitter's star in place of its new heart. The extension even recreates the lovely animated swirl as the star is filled with its golden light.

That's great and all, but I feel like going back to the way things were doesn't quite capture the weeping and gnashing of teeth that took place today over the change.

So I opened up the guts of Kavner's file (with his permission) and made a slight edit to the image file it used to override Twitter's source code. And I replaced the heart with something else.


Behold the poo-vorite. (Poov for short.) Like Kavner's original, it also has a lovely little animation when you click on it. You can download a version with this modification; once you've downloaded, install it by dragging the file your Google Chrome extensions page (chrome://extensions). From then on, when you navigate to, the heart button will be replaced by everyone's favorite turd emoji. And don't worry about offending Twitter pals: Even though you are marking their tweets with a swirl of poop, it will still show up as a normal "Like" in their Twitter notifications.

A crappy tweet by my editor Jason.

Again, Reed Kavner's extension is the original and the real deal; it brings back the star that so many of you desperately miss, and does so with style. We're just giving you another option, in case the heart doesn't quite capture what you think of your pals' tweets.

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