Palestinians draw attention to a possible new intifada with web comics

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Yesterday, pro-Palestine fighters wielding guns and knives stabbed and shot a number of people throughout Jerusalem, killing three and wounding many more.


According to Reuters, the recent violence has gotten so bad that Israeli authorities are considering whether or not to cordon off the Palestinian districts in East Jerusalem, where Palestinians have been able to move freely.

The so-called "Day of Rage" has sent ripples through the local community and many consider the wave of violence and killings as evidence of the beginning of an uprising.

Much of the coverage of the area's unrest has focused primarily on incidents like the Day of Rage, where Palestinians organize to attack Israelis, it's worth noting that Israeli forces have played their part in attacks in kind. According to the Red Crescent, in this past week alone 970 Palestinians have been injured by Israeli Police. 66 of those people were shot.

Where the Israelis see a wave of crime, some Palestinians see this as the first signs of the third Intifada. Palestinian artists are taking to social media to share their perspective on the recent events.

Intifada in progress:


Maps of Israel, Palestine, and the Gaza Strip as knives:


Netanyahu failing to prevent the Intifada: