Screenshot via “Shoot at Hurricane Irma”/Facebook

Among dozens of tweets demonstrating emergency preparations for Hurricane Irma, alerting locals to shelter locations, and sharing storm updates, the sheriff from Pasco County, just north of Tampa, has another urgent message: For God’s sakes, don’t shoot at the hurricane.

As Irma was bearing down on southern Florida with winds exceeding 100 mph, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday night tweeted a warning that bullets shot at the storm could come back around:


The reason for the tweet is a Facebook event page created by two Floridians called “Shoot at Hurricane Irma.” Thousands of people have shared the mock event, which the sheriff’s office didn’t find very amusing. The sheriff’s office followed up on Sunday morning asking people to instead volunteer at shelters, a worthier endeavor.


We’ve seen a lot of defiance in the face of this storm—people ridiculously battling wind, riding bikes in downtown Miami, and refusing to evacuate—but this idea...just don’t do it.

Weekend Editor, Splinter

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