Passenger Posts Video of Plane Engine on Fire to Facebook

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Earlier today, 92 passengers aboard a Cobham Aviation plane heading from Perth, Australia to Barrow Island experienced one of the biggest fears of anyone who’s ever stepped inside a plane: an emergency landing because of an engine catching on fire.


The flight departed from Perth airport and immediately circled back after flames emerged from one of the plane’s engines, and passengers have praised the pilot for landing safely.

Pictures show flames coming from one of the plane's left-hand engines. Passenger Brad McCoy captured the footage and proceeded to upload it to Facebook. Users have shared the shocking video more than 2000 times since McCoy posted it.

Post by Brad Mccoy.

No one was harmed after the plane landed, thanks in large part to its pilot's expert maneuvering.

H/t The West Australian

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