Pat Sajak Hits Global Warming Parody Tweet Out Of The Park

This image was removed due to legal reasons.
This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Wheel of Fortune Host and professional hairdo mannequin Pat Sajak rocked the Internet yesterday with a single tweet:

I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.— Pat Sajak (@patsajak) May 20, 2014

And—whoops! Maybe America isn’t prepared to appreciate irony from the host of television’s top-rated game show and shortest crossword puzzle.

Naturally, he poured some fuel on this wildfire.

Sometimes it's fun to poke a stick in a hornets' nest just to hear the buzzing.— Pat Sajak (@patsajak) May 20, 2014

Speaking in clues for a living appears to have gotten to Pat’s enormous head. Let’s chalk this up to an editorial oversight. It was, after all, only a tweet.

Release us from this charade. We are ready to solve.

As most of you know, original Tweet was intended to parody the name-calling directed at climate skeptics. Hyperbole.— Pat Sajak (@patsajak) May 21, 2014


Finally, the world is a better place. Good night, and stay tuned for Jeopardy!.

Andy is a graphics editor and cartoonist at Fusion.