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If you believe something strongly, you want to tell people about it. I bet you, reader, have tweeted or posted your opinions on Facebook a fair few times. Pah! Useless. Those tiny words on a screen can’t be seen from up in the air, where the noble eagle soars. How about writing them on the EARTH ITSELF?

North Dakota Farmer Gene Hanson has taken, once again, to his bean fields, to plow a patriotic message into his crop of beans, his bountiful field of nutritious legumes. He appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss his latest contribution to the national discourse, saying: “I just disagree with the kneeling for the national anthem, I didn’t think it was anything about black, white, or brown, Democrat or Republican, it was all about honoring our flag and our country, there’s a lot of people who died for it.”

Seems funny that ol’ Bean Gene never plowed nothin’ about the flag or the troops into his precious beans before now, if he likes them so damn much. But Gene has plowed other messages, like “Vote Trump Never Hillary,” “GOP Get Your Act Together,” and the Prince symbol when Prince died. Yes, really:

“After Prince died, it was kind of in our coffee morning discussion, one of the guys said you should do a logo of Prince, I didn’t even know what the logo was so I looked it up on the internet.”


Damn. Makes your purple avatar look a bit lame, huh?

The Fox & Friends interview follows a Facebook post yesterday by none other than Flag Respecter Number One, President Donald J. Trump. The President, of the United States.


I am so happy to live in this ridiculous country. Bean on, Gene.