Paul Ryan Attempts Twitter Joke, Ruins Christmas Instead

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

If Donald Trump wasn’t actively insulting people on Twitter everyday, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Tuesday tweet on “Taxmas” might be a candidate for the worst post of 2017.


Spruced up with a computer generated “scroll” and Founding Fathers-style font, Ryan’s staff cooked up a “poem” that reads like how I imagine spoiled eggnog tastes—very bad:

(Please note The Ratio on this post.)

Ryan’s tweet is not only a poor attempt at cutesy humor, it’s also laced with misleading lines about the GOP’s monstrous tax reform bill that balloons the deficit and cuts taxes for America’s wealthy. In keeping with Ryan’s “Taxmas” theme, one might describe the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as a Christmas tragedy—but Ryan would really rather citizens believe it’s “Not for one American, but for all!”

Also, nothing is more evil than championing “hardworking Americans” with “visions of bigger paychecks” in your Christmas tax post while simultaneously promising your donors “entitlement reform” that would gut Medicare and Medicaid.

Night Editor, Splinter