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It’s no secret that the Republicans are struggling to sell their disastrous tax law to American voters ahead of this fall’s midterm elections.


Enter the humble jelly bean.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that, as part of the GOP’s effort to sell their tax bill to voters, House Speaker Paul Ryan created an innovative new incentive program for his colleagues (emphasis added):

Leaders’ exhortations to members to focus on the law range from the serious — such as weekly talking points pointing out the top five ways workers and families would benefit from the law — to the symbolic. House leaders each week award a jar of Jelly Belly candy to the member of their caucus deemed to have worked the hardest to promote the law. Winners have included Reps. Kevin Yoder (R-Kan.), for a local tax reform event at a Home Depot, and Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.) for a statewide tax tour.

By August, one lawmaker will win a “Ronald Reagan Award” for completing a checklist of assignments aimed at pushing the law, including holding 12 town hall meetings, making seven radio or TV appearances, and delivering three House floor speeches.


Jelly beans! I’ve gotta admit, I think jelly beans are kind of gross, in the same way that candy corn and Mike & Ikes are objectively gross. Overrated, I say! Leaves a bad taste in my mouth! Much like a $1.5 trillion tax cut that largely benefits the wealthy—am I right??

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