Peggy Noonan Is Confused (About Amazon)

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Peggy Noonan, a virtual reality headset that allows the user to see the world through the view of Ronald Reagan’s corpse, has some thoughts about Amazon’s New York City fiasco. The thoughts to not fit together in any coherent way, but that’s okay—we live in a confusing world, do we not?


Peggy Noonan writes in her newspaper column today that the “wild and rising progressive left” made a big mistake by driving Amazon out of New York City, with all the yelling. Okay? Important to understand this premise: she is arguing that it was very bad to protest against the Amazon HQ2 deal. Got it? However:

Their issues were tax breaks and unionization.

Two issues. Okay.

Should corporations, especially big, megarich ones, be given tax benefits for locating in a city or state? No, actually. They should come in simply as grateful and eager new citizens, especially in a place like New York, since there’s nothing like us.

On issue one: Peggy is with the wild and rising progressive left.

Amazon was knocked because it wouldn’t promise to unionize. I favor private unions: A certain claimed equality, a certain balance between a huge company’s management and the working man or woman, is not the worst thing in the world. And people more than ever need to belong to something.

On issue two: Peggy is with the wild and rising progressive left.

So, Amazon wanted to come to NYC, and there were two big issues with the deal, and on both of those issues, Peggy agrees with the people who were protesting against the Amazon deal, and Amazon withdrew from the deal without even negotiating a settlement with the people protesting the factors that Peggy Noonan agrees were bad. And her conclusion from all this is: “Here is the truth: New York’s progressives weren’t tough, they were weak.”


One plus one equals zero! - Peggy Noonan

****** May I please also note that Peggy writes this in her column: “After Amazon’s withdrawal no major American company will open a new headquarters here for at least a generation.” Professional Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan believes that no major American company will open a new headquarters in America’s greatest metropolis and financial center for the next 25 years. Peggy, I would like to take the other side of this bet for a thousand dollars. Please contact me and we can shake on it. Thank you.


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