People are filming hilarious #daddysworeanoath videos to make fun of those guys in Oregon

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One of the least camera-shy of the men currently on a bad camping trip in a cold federal office in Oregon is former Marine and current islamophobic demagogue Jon Ritzheimer.

Back on December 31 Ritzheimer filmed a video explaining to his kids why he was going on the world's worst camping trip. In the video, Ritzheimer tearfully exclaims that "Your daddy swore an oath. He swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution" in the front seat of his car. Here, watch:

It's a kitschy performance. Fortunately, it got the attention of Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle, and this morning he posted a spoof on Twitter, along with the hashtag #daddysworeanoath.


It's funny as heck, good job John! Darnielle also encouraged others to join in, and made another #daddysworeanoath video himself:

His call to arms was met, and brave daddies across the nation have risked their lives to get in their cars and film themselves:

DONT BREAK THE OATH #daddysworeanoath #tcot

— Matthew Riley (@rileymatte) January 5, 2016


#DADDYSWOREANOATH @mountain_goats

— will! (@lifeinsuper8) January 5, 2016


Thank you, daddies. We salute you, daddies.

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