People are making nightmare videos of Sonic the Hedgehog and they are works of art

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If you're online, and you run in certain circles, you're probably rarely more than a couple of clicks away from seeing images of a writhing, distended, and/or otherwise distorted Sonic the Hedgehog.

That last sentence has probably been true any time since the internet has been widely accessible; Sonic the Hedgehog has long been an obsession in darker corners of the Internet. But this week it's been particularly true thanks to a recently popular program called Sonic Movie Maker.


Sonic Movie Maker is one of four games that's a part of the Sonic Dreams Collection, a set of parody games released by Arcane Kids. Movie Maker in particular is a collaboration with Cyborg Dino. The game lets you record 3D animated movies with Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog and his various pals. It also lets you create fantastic Sonic body horror movies.

People are going absolutely crazy with it.


It's kind of like David Cronenberg meets the Green Hill Zone.


You can do so much. Like re-experiencing the magic of prom night…with Sonic!


Or emulating David Lynch (if David Lynch loved Sonic).


Dancing is also an option.


Some say that "fear is the mind killer." But it's pretty fun to dive right in and see how far people transform a beloved anthropomorphic hedgehog into a nightmare beast. You can find many more (some of which are marginally NSFW) on Twitter.

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