People are showing up to Donald Trump’s rallies with Trump-branded Confederate flags

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Donald Trump supporters raised a prominently-placed Confederate flag during a rally for the candidate Kissimmee, FL on Thursday. No, this wasn't some sort of protest or criticism of Trump's policies. The flag was erected by a Trump supporter.


Trump fan Brandon Partin, 27, bought the flag, which also says "Trump 2016" on it, outside of the event, because of course people are selling Confederate flags at Trump rallies. Why wouldn't they be?

The flag didn't stay up for long before a black couple confronted the Partin over it. Shortly after, security got involved and forced him to take the flag down.


Partin was not happy with having to take the flag down, and, according to the New York Times, told Trump campaign members "that might have just changed my vote.”

But he couldn't stay mad at Trump, telling the Times later on that it was really the media's fault he couldn't fly the racist symbol of the losing side of the Civil War.


This is not the first time a Confederate flag has shown up at a Donald Trump rally and it's very unlikely it will be the last. A man showed up with one at a Trump rally in Detroit last week, leading to a confrontation with anti-Trump protesters that police told the Detroit Free Press was "no fight, only a tussle."

Last month, Donald Trump Jr. attended a county fair in Mississippi and called anger over the Confederate flag being a part of the Mississippi state flag "ridiculous." He also said in the same statement he had heard there were no American flags at the Democratic National Convention, so that's how much thought he put into that particular stance.


As a member of the media, I hereby untie Donald Trump's hands and release him from the shackles that have been preventing him from speaking his mind throughout this campaign. Go ahead, express your full support for the Confederacy. We're waiting.

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