Pharell's "Happy" Without Music Isn't Very Happy

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Pharell’s “Happy” is really good at making people happy. Seeing people of all races and and ages and demographics and sizes doing happy things and dancing to the same song really struck a chord with everyone, so much so that the song has been viewed more than 187 million times on YouTube.

But such joy is nothing but a facade. Apparently without the music part of the music video, "Happy" looks a little lonely. The veil has been lifted and suddenly the actors don’t look genuinely delighted. It's all a ruse, an act!

And then at 50-second mark, OH MY GOD "BLURRED LINES" WHY IS BLURRED LINES IN THIS VIDEO?!?!?! It cannot be unheard!


If you want this supposedly upbeat song ruined for you, check out the video, produced by House of Halo, below:

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